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Experts predict edge computing, 5G and containers will fuel computational storage, new storage systems dedicated to container-based applications, and flash-based object stores

"The pillars of enterprise storage architecture will rock and sway in 2020 and beyond, as IT organizations continue to sort out the best ways to use big data for analytics and artificial intelligence," writes Carol Sliwa in SearchStorage.

"Edge computing, 5G wireless and container-based applications are among the hot technologies that will exert a significant impact on the classic data storage architecture that IT pros have built for decades on SAN and NAS systems..."

Carl Che, Ph.D., Vice President, HDD Technology, discusses Western Digital's continuous innovation in hard disk drive technology

"The company is driving capacity and efficiency with mechanical innovation, new firmware and features, and increases in areal density. Energy-assisted recording technologies are emerging, including ePMR, MAMR, and HAMR, enabling capacity to 50 TB and beyond. New suspension technologies are emerging, including mual-stage and triple-stage actuators to increase tracks per inch. SMR is enabling areal density, but IOPS per TB are dropping. Multi-actuator drives can help maintain usability of hard disks for years to come..."

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