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IT News - CxO
How CIOs Can Limit The Business Disruption Of The Coronavirus - Gartner
CIOs should focus on three immediate actions to prepare for the business disruption caused by the coronavirus, according to Gartner Inc.
Rory Bennett writes in Information Age, "Research and advisory company Gartner has offered CIOs three immediate technological solutions to combat the disruption of the coronavirus on businesses.

Gartner is advising CIOs to establish or utilise digital infrastructure to help lessen the business disruption of the coronavirus, Covid-19....":

Information Age, March 10th, 2020
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2020 CIO 100 Winners: Celebrating IT Innovation And Leadership
The CIO 100 celebrates 100 IT organizations for driving digital business growth through technology innovation. Honorees will be recognized at the annual CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony in August
"The CIO 100, now in its 33rd year, recognizes 100 organizations for their achievements in technology innovation," writes Amy Bennett in CIO.

"Winners are chosen by a team of external judges (many of them former CIOs) on their use of leading-edge IT practices that produce measurable results. The award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence.

This year's honorees exemplify what it means to deliver business value through the innovative use of technology. This elite group is creating competitive advantage in their organizations, improving business processes, enabling growth and improving relationships with customers..."

CIO, March 10th, 2020
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IDC: IT Spending Forecast Hit By Coronavirus Impact
The escalating coronavirus crisis is already impacting IT markets as buyers and vendors adjust to a new set of assumptions and a new global economic reality
"Based on data indicators in 1Q20, International Data Corporation expects to see a significant slowdown in spending on hardware in particular during 2G20 with software and services spending also affected as the crisis reverberates through all sectors of the economy, including supply chains, trade, and business planning. By the end of 2020, in a pessimistic scenario, IT spending could grow by 1% compared to the original forecast of more than 4% growth, and these forecasts are more likely to trend down than up in the next few weeks...." - Storage Newsletter
Storage Newsletter, March 13th, 2020
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4 Questions Businesses Should Ask About AI, 5G And Innovation
As we move into the 2020s, leaders must self-reflect and focus on how they can improve upon past AI, 5G and other innovation technologies to drive results
"The start of 2020 marks a unique occasion to discover the opportunities that the interplay between people and artificial intelligence will create over the next decade," notes Athina Kanioura in InformationWeek.

"The coming years promise a world of possibilities that will change the way we manage our daily lives, how we work and how we enjoy our interests and passions. The 20s will also be the first decade in which successful innovation in AI will define business performance...."

InformationWeek, March 10th, 2020
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IT News - MFA
Biometric Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Pros And Cons
When searching for the most secure method of two-factor authentication (2FA) -- also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA) -- biometrics are often the first to come to mind
Megan Anderson writes in Security Boulevard, "The data is extremely difficult to replicate, and because it's a relatively new technology, methods of bypassing it are still in their infancy. This has led some to wonder whether it's the next generation of identity security. We seek to explore that idea in our list of biometric

Biometric 2FA Overview

Biometric 2FA, or biometric authentication, is a method of verifying a user's identity using a piece of 'who they are' such as their fingerprint, facial features, hand shape, iris structure, voice, or typing behavior (such as how strongly a user depresses keys on their keyboard)..."

Security Boulevard, March 10th, 2020
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How To Evaluate The ROI Of 2FA
Two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), protects user accounts by factoring in something a user has (such as a time-based, one-time password, or TOTP) in addition to what they know (their credentials)
"While 2FA is considered to be a standard in identity security practices today, it can be a headache for some organizations," opines Megan Anderson in Security Boulevard.

"Organizations know it's more secure than only requiring a username and password, but 2FA reduces efficiency and can require the admin to dedicate large portions of time to manual integration and management. When admins spend a lot of their time integrating and managing a tool that slows down the user authentication process to some degree, it can potentially translate into a loss of productivity. As a result, some may question the return on investment (ROI) of 2FA..."

Security Boulevard, March 13th, 2020
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Two-Factor Authentication Isn'T As Secure As You Might Expect
Passcodes from SMS or authenticator apps are better than passwords alone, but hackers can exploit their weaknesses
"You've probably heard this security advice: protect your accounts by using two-factor authentication," opines Stephen Shankland in CNET.

"You'll make life hard for hackers, so the reasoning goes, if you pair a password with a code sent by text message or generated by an app like Google Authenticator.

Here's the problem: It can be easily bypassed. Just ask Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey. Hackers gained access to Dorsey's Twitter account using a SIM swap attack that involves fooling a carrier into switching mobile service to a new phone...."

CNET, March 9th, 2020
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IT News - Storage
High-Performance Object Storage Challenges In The Modern Data Center
Object storage works well for long-term backup and archiving. See how high-performance capabilities are expanding it to high-scale, high-capacity workloads
"One of the most interesting aspects of object storage is its diversity of uses," notes George Crump in SearchStorage.

"While object storage is often used as an archive storage area, a destination for old data and a replacement for production file servers, in reality there are many ways it can be applied. As vendors begin to deliver performance-optimized object storage, the technology is ready for a whole new set of workloads.

High-performance object storage requires more than just switching from hard disk-based object storage systems to all-flash object storage. The move to all-flash media certainly helps, but object storage systems -- thanks largely to their rich metadata -- typically have too much latency to effectively take advantage of flash performance..."

SearchStorage, March 9th, 2020
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Cloud Tiering And Object Storage For Backup
How to get low pricing of cloud storage with short data retrieval times?
"How to get the best of both worlds: The low pricing of cloud storage with short data retrieval times. Be sure you have the right architecture in place first.

There are two kinds of organizations: those that use the cloud for backup, and those that are going to use the cloud for backup.

And why not enjoy the advantages of the cloud for backup/restore, DR and long-term retention? The cloud has become ubiquitous and its accessibility and cost structure are flexible. Cloud tiering has become popular as companies turn to object storage for the growing amount of data that may never change or may be accessed only infrequently...." - Storage Newsletter

Storage Newsletter, March 13th, 2020
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IT News - AI
Data Science vs. Machine Learning: What's The Difference?
Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), while data science is the discipline of data cleansing, preparation, and analysis. Here's how each works - and how they work together
"Machine learning (ML) and data science are often mentioned in the same breath - and for good reason," writes Stephanie Overby in The Enterprisers Project. "The two complement each other. However, understanding how they work - and work together - is important.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers computers to self-learn from data and apply that learning without human intervention. Data science, on the other hand, is the discipline of data cleansing, preparation, and analysis..."

The Enterprisers Project, March 10th, 2020
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IT News - Technology
24 Video Conferencing Tips To Go From Telecommuting Zero To Hero
Getting started working from home and facing your first video-conference? Here's some tips on how to make the best of it and not to screw up
"Over the years, I've done innumerable video conferences, webinars, and calls," recalls Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in ZDNet. "But every time I'm still a little nervous. Here are battle-tested ways I and some friends and colleagues have found to do well at video -- or, at least, not mess up too badly.


Does your gear work? Are you sure? Check your camera, your computer, your microphone, and your internet connection. Then check it again...."

ZDNet, March 13th, 2020
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IDC: Wearable Device Shipments Reached 336.5M In 2019
The wearable tech market soared in the 4th quarter with an 82% growth rate, thanks to hearables
Macy Bayern writes in TechRepublic, "Global wearable device shipments reached 336.5 million in 2019, IDC research found. The bulk of this growth comes from the fourth quarter, which reached a new high of 118.9 million devices shipped, or an 82% growth rate.

In September 2019, IDC predicted that hearables would be the new wearables. According to IDC's latest data in its Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker report, this prediction holds true: More than half (55%) of the growth of wearables was attributed to hearables..."

TechRepublic, March 10th, 2020
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IT News - BI
Top 12 BI Tools Of 2020
It's not always easy choosing a business intelligence tool to meet the needs of your enterprise. Here are 12 that could work for you
Peter Sayer and Thor Olavsrud writes in CIO, "With more and more data at our fingertips, it's getting harder to focus on the information relevant to our problems and present it in an actionable way. That's what business intelligence is all about.

BI tools make it simpler to corral the right data and visualize it in ways that enable us to understand what it means. But how simple that process gets, and how you can visualize the data depends on the tool: Picking the right one for your needs becomes important...."

CIO, March 13th, 2020
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IT News - CRM
Machine Learning Is Your Secret Weapon For Customer Acquisition
If you're looking for a strategy to get ahead when it comes to customer acquisition, machine learning can be your secret weapon
"While machine learning does fall under the larger category of artificial intelligence (AI), it's a bit more specific and can be extremely effective technology to pair with your customer and prospect database. True AI can think for itself like Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek. Machine learning, however, can automate tasks and apply predictive analytics that drive meaningful growth. Machine learning is the AI focal point for your customer relationship management (CRM) tool and can be the key to boosting your customer acquisition..." - AiTHORITY
AiTHORITY, March 9th, 2020
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How To Build A Sales CRM Process
Legendary engineer and management consultant W. Edwards Deming once said, 'A bad system will beat a good person every time'
"This truism can easily be applied to the world of sales," writes Amanda Roosa in Business 2 Community.

"Even the best rep can't succeed if their sales process is disorganized and chaotic. But how do you upgrade your sales process to be more straightforward and efficient? The answer is a sales CRM process. Customer relationship management software can help streamline the five classic sales process steps:

Prospecting: Identifying the potential customers who might be interested in the product or service you are selling..."

Business 2 Community, March 11th, 2020
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IT News - Security
Password Managers: A Little Pain For A Lot Of Security
They're your friend, or at least a helpful acquaintance
Laura Hautala writes in CNET, "If you're one of the countless people who unwisely use easy-to-guess passwords or reuse a password for several accounts, cybersecurity experts have a message for you: It isn't your fault. Memorizing a unique, complex password for each account is impossible.

But that's exactly the sort of chore computers are good at. That's why many cybersecurity experts suggest using a password manager. It's a software utility that securely stores passwords and automatically fills them into login pages. They help you protect every single one of your online accounts with a strong password..."

CNET, March 10th, 2020
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3 Tips To Stay Secure When You Lose An Employee
Whether they leave for a better job or get fired, and whether they mean to cause problems or do so out of ignorance, ex-workers can pose a threat to your company
"Research indicates that January and February are the most popular job-hunting months, and that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is for more money," writes Bil Harmer&#8203; in Dark Reading.

"Indeed, with unemployment currently low and the number of overall jobs growing, many workers are currently in a good position to land somewhere else in the next month or two and earn a higher salary. And if they have new jobs, that means they're leaving their old companies - maybe yours...."

Dark Reading, March 10th, 2020
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IT News - DevOps
5 Must-Read DevOps Books
No matter where you are on your DevOps path, these books can offer practical guidance and insights. Here's what they taught my team
Kassie Rangel writes in The Enterprisers Project, "DevOps is all about constant improvement, and keeping up with the latest trends and thought leaders is necessary to keep yourself (and your team) at the top of your game. I have read several books that offer great tips and process considerations that I consider to be must-reads for DevOps teams and leaders.

Here are my DevOps book picks, and how I've implemented learnings from each within my team and career...."

The Enterprisers Project, March 12th, 2020
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IT News - Cloud
Cloud Computing Versus Edge Computing
At a point when one discusses the difference between Cloud Computing and Edge Computing, the fundamental difference worth taking a look at is the means by which data processing takes place
"Nowadays, most of the data processing through the current IoT frameworks is performed on the Cloud, utilizing a progression of centralized servers. Thus, all the low-end devices, just as the entryway ones, are utilized for collecting information to perform low-level handling. Cloud and Edge computing are sometimes, talked about as though they're fundamentally unrelated approaches to deal with network framework. While they may work in various manners, using one doesn't block the utilization of the other.

In fact, they really compliment each other successfully..." - AiTHORITY

AiTHORITY, March 13th, 2020
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3 Cloud Architecture Problems That Need Solutions
With cloud architecture becoming more art than science, some problems are stumping those who are supposed to have all the answers
"For the most part, cloud architecture is not that exciting," notes David Linthicum in InfoWorld. "By now we know basically what works, what does not, and the process to get to the right target architecture. This means both the meta or logical architecture and added technology to get to the physical architecture.

Although we know the best patterns for most of what cloud architecture requires, some problems are still being debated. No de facto solution or best practice has emerged yet. Here are my top three:..."

InfoWorld, March 10th, 2020
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IT News - DR
Why Your Business Continuity Plan Needs Video
The need for a strong, scalable and nimble business continuity plan is clearly evident today.
"Situations arise where last-minute cancellations have a drastic impact on businesses," writes Sara Larsen in Business 2 Community.

"But there is an alternative to cancellation: Innovative companies are leveraging video in their business continuity plans for both external and internal communications. This not only accommodates consumers' immediate needs, it also fosters brand loyalty and builds new virtual communities as a result.

Here are some powerful examples of video use cases across industries that enhance external communications within a business continuity framework:..."

Business 2 Community, March 13th, 2020
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IT News - Careers
IT Careers: 9 Networking Etiquette Do's And Dont's
What are the unspoken rules of personal networking in the IT career arena? Here's how to stay polite with new and existing contacts - who may be the ticket to your next job
"There's zero doubt that networking can be a key factor in landing your next IT role," opines Stephanie Overby in The Enterprisers Project.

"Who you know can indeed be as important as you know, particularly if you're attempting to advance into a new or bigger role, a novel industry, or a new geography. That CIO role you covet won't just land in your lap. However, networking can be more nuanced than it seems..."

The Enterprisers Project, March 12th, 2020
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Must I Tell A New Employer Everything?
In the March 10, 2020 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter a reader will need time off for a medical procedure soon after starting a new job. Must the new employer be told before the employee starts work?

I tore my ACL playing volleyball. I just got over the hurdle of getting hired, but my new employer doesn't know about my injury. I start next week and I am hoping to schedule my surgery in the next couple of months. However, I am not sure how to have this conversation with my new employer. Do I pretend as if the injury is new? Do I tell them that my surgery is already scheduled? I will be out for 7-14 days after surgery, although I am hoping I could work from home after the first 7 days. How do I approach this conversation? Any advice would be so helpful!

Thanks so much, I love your newsletter. It has helped me see my value as an employee and has helped me stop feeling weird about taboo subjects like pay. I tell all my friends about it when they're having work trouble or are job hunting...." - Ask The Headhunter

Ask The Headhunter, March 9th, 2020
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The 9 Most Difficult IT Hires Today
The IT talent gap is driving up demand for skilled IT pros, but for certain roles and skillsets, finding - and signing - the right candidate can feel a bit like trying to capture a unicorn.
"CIOs are quick to point out that every company is essentially a technology firm, and demand for a broad range of skills has created a race for talent," notes Paul Heltzel in CIO.

"The emergence of interactive technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality have made jobs in those areas a hot ticket. AR/VR developers are currently the most difficult positions to fill, according to, with 1,400 percent growth in demand for in 2019...."

CIO, March 10th, 2020
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IT News - Big Data
Data Is Cheap, Information Is Expensive
In this age of information, to say that the volume of data is exploding is a stark understatement
"This big bang of big data is estimated to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes by 2025, according to a recent IDC and Seagate report. Why?" asks Thomas Hazel in datanami.

"It's simple: The abilities to generate data via cheap compute and save it via cheap storage are directly proportional. That's why, as it has become popular to say, 'data is the new oil' that, when refined, fuels today's information economy.

Any business not partaking in this data revolution, let alone fully immersing themselves in it, is at a severe disadvantage. But doing so in a way that enhances business is much easier said than done...."

datanami, March 13th, 2020
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How To Break Down Data Silos: 4 Obstacles And Solutions
Keeping all your data separate prevents good analytics. Learn how to overcome four key challenges of eliminating data silos
"If you want to achieve actionable and impactful insights from your big data, you must have data aggregations that are highly relevant to a particular data algorithm that evaluates them. When this happens, data breakthroughs occur," opines Mary Shacklett in TechRepublic.

"A barrier to this kind of insight is data silos, which exist in virtually every company. But breaking down those silos is still a major work in progress for most organizations. Here's how your enterprise can overcome four key challenges of breaking down data silos..."

TechRepublic, March 10th, 2020
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