Marvell Talks Up Thunderx3 And Arm Server Roadmap
HPCWire, March 17th, 2020
March 17, 2020,
Volume 264, Issue 3

Now sampling and will be broadly available later in 2020

"The new chip will feature up to 96 Arm v8.3+ cores and support 4 threads per core thus delivering up 384 threads per socket. While many details of ThunderX3's architecture were not disclosed, Marvell says more information will be forthcoming over the next few months. Marvell also took the opportunity to issue a barrage of performance advantage claims over both Intel and AMD CPUs.

The recent rise of Arm CPUs in servers targeting HPC and the cloud is noteworthy. Arm has long been a force in embedded applications, leveraging its low power consumption attributes. Now, advancing chip features, available silicon, an emerging accelerator strategy, and a significantly expanded ecosystem are invigorating Arm's server aspirations..."

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