Accelerating Vaccine Research For COVID-19 With High-Performance Computing And Artificial Intelligence
HPE News, April 28th, 2020
April 28, 2020,
Volume 265, Issue 5

HPE is powering research to accelerate discovery of antibodies, antiviral agents and drug candidates to be tested for vaccine development

"High-performance computing (HPC) is playing a leading role in our fight against COVID-19 to support the urgent need to find a vaccine that will save lives and reduce suffering worldwide.

Scientists in labs around the globe rely on the massive computing power of HPC and supercomputers to run complex mathematical models, which transform vast volumes of evolving COVID-19 data into simulations of biological and chemical processes. These simulations advance our understanding of the new strain of virus and the complex interactions of the human body down to the molecular level, to accelerate the development of new treatments and preventative measures..."

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