The CIO's Crisis Management Playbook: 8 Lessons In Leadership
CIO, April 20th, 2020
May 3, 2020,
Volume 265, Issue 5

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a double whammy for Jack O'Hara, CIO of Springfield Clinic

Esther Shein writes in CIO, "O'Hara was still adjusting to being a brand-new CIO in a new state, when he had to mobilize a team to rapidly deploy telemedicine in a rural community. He did the latter in a span of three weeks.

'We had a zero remote culture up until two weeks ago,'' says O'Hara, referring to mid-March, when the pandemic began ramping up and people were starting to work remotely. 'My first six months 'here' feel like six years. I really got thrown into the fire.'

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