Dell EMC Powerstore Released For Midrange
StorageReview, May 5th, 2020
May 5, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 1

PowerStore is said to be up to seven times faster and three times more responsive than the company's previous midrange storage entries

"This is in part from its end to end NVMe architecture, support for dual-ported Intel Optane SSDs, and up to 32Gb FC or 25Gb Ethernet support. PowerStore is built from the ground up to address all of the challenges of the new 'data era.'

Dell EMC points out that we are entering a world where workloads are new, changing, and in larger volumes than ever. Dell and EMC had separately been tackling the storage issue by themselves for years. Once the two became one, they had several different products that all addressed mid market needs in different ways. Some of the was addressed when Dell EMC launched Unity and later Unity XT...."

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