IBM Evolves Partnerworld To Enable Greater Agility And Innovation With IBM Cloud
IBM News, May 5th, 2020
May 5, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 1

The world looks drastically different than it did just months ago, and our current business environment has only advanced the trend toward business model flexibility

IBM at its Think Digital conference announced a reimagined Business Partner program that gives partners the flexibility to engage in one or more pathways to success. IBM PartnerWorld now includes clear pathways for IBM Business Partners that create applications, develop code, integrate their intellectual property (IP) or deliver services with the IBM Cloud.

The new evolution of PartnerWorld expands the program framework to three specialized tracks - Build, Service and Sell - each with tailored offers that are designed to help Business Partners unlock meaningful benefits faster. By adding the new Build and Service tracks alongside the existing Sell track, IBM aligns with the growing trend of partners shifting and expanding their models to better compete in a market driven by cloud adoption. With 58 percent of partner revenue now coming from their own IP,* partners are increasingly focused on integrating and delivering cloud-based solutions and services...

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