USB 4 Will Support 8K And 16K Displays. Here's how It'll Work
CNET, April 30th, 2020
May 10, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 1

With DisplayPort 2.0 support, next-generation USB technology should help PC makers banish another port starting in 2021

Stephen Shankland writes in CNET, "USB 4, the next incarnation of the ubiquitous data-transfer technology, will be fast and versatile enough to let you plug a very high resolution 8K display in to your PC. That's because it'll accommodate DisplayPort 2.0, the newer version of a standard widely used to connect external monitors.

The move, which industry groups announced Thursday, means USB will be a more capable replacement for older-style ports on digital devices -- and that computers will likely rely more on the increasingly versatile port. However, the versatility brings new complications when you're trying to figure out if devices, ports and cables support particular abilities you'd like..."

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