Sony's Envision AR App Helps You Fit Your TV In Your Home
reviewgeek, May 15th, 2020
May 15, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 2

Sure, you might think you know how big the TV you're buying on Amazon or Best Buy's website is, but what if you're wrong?

"TV sizes are measure diagonally, so it can be a surprise how much bigger a 65-inch TV is than a 55-inch TV. And two different 66-inch TVs can be a different width and height. Sony's AR app wants to help you check your fit - at least for Sony TVs.

The app, which works on Android and iOS, is reasonably intuitive. Pick your Sony TV model, the size you want it in, then point your camera where you want the TV to go. The app will overlap a box onto your wall or TV stand to give you a sense of how much room it needs.

Of course, you'll need a recent smartphone - at least an iPhone 6s or an ARCore-capable Android phone running Oreo or later. But neither of those requirements are a big ask at this point. And naturally, the app only works for Sony TV's; you're on your own if you want a TCL or Samsung TV..."

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