2 Facets Of Project Leaders
PM World 360, May 15th, 2020
May 15, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 2

'Take the bull by the horns' is a phrase believed to have originated in the American West around the 1800s

"It means confronting a problem head-on versus waiting for the problem to solve itself or expecting someone else to tackle it. It is also believed that the only way to control a bull is to grab it by the horns. If someone tries to hold anywhere else, they risk getting smashed by the bull's horns. This is what differentiates project leaders (project managers).

Those who have worked in different organizations and on various initiatives know that the definition of the Project Manager (PM) role varies from one organization to another and across departments within the same organization. On one extreme of the spectrum, a project manager is simply scheduling meetings, recording minutes, and publishing decisions and action items. On the other side, a project manager is actually driving an initiative and is held accountable for the project outcome..."

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