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Best CRM Software & Tools, June 17th, 2020
Customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for companies of all sizes as a business strategy. CRM software encompasses a wide area of interactions and activities between a company and its customers

"As a business strategy, it helps in understanding the customer, retaining them, attracting new ones, and winning new deals," writes Jose Maria Delos Santos in

"It increases profitability and decreases customer management costs.

The Internet and advances in technology brought about new CRM software that is scalable and customizable, with powerful engines for prediction, analysis, automation, and streamlining of operations..."

As communities start down the road to reopening after pandemic-related shutdowns, public health officials are urging caution about the coronavirus's continued spread and turning to digitized contact tracing to help track the threat

Stephanie Kanowitz writes in GCN, "Although deploying trained case workers to trace contacts of those exposed to a communicable disease isn't new -- it's been used to track smallpox, HIV and SARS, for example -- using technology for the job is. A recent report from Johns Hopkins University provides tips for public health agencies using digital contact-tracing tools, such as ensuring that technology design is flexible enough to change along with conditions, data is available to health professionals in a de-identified form and the solution has base features to protect privacy plus optional ones, such as location..."

Tech experts provide their tips on how to effectively implement automation into your customer relationship management (CRM) process

"Implementing automation technology can benefit an organisation in a variety of ways," writes Aaron Hurst in InformationAge. "Getting tasks done without the need for human intervention can speed up operations round the clock, so it's little wonder that this is becoming more common among companies. But how can customer-facing teams effectively carry out CRM automation?..."

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