Troubleshoot SAN Issues To Improve Performance
SearchStorage, September 3rd, 2020
September 13, 2020,
Volume 270, Issue 2

Common SAN problems include compatibility issues, hardware failures and sluggish storage response times, but a few proven strategies can easily resolve these issues

Brian Peterson and Rich Castagna write in SearchStorage, "Storage area networks can be complicated and temperamental beasts. This is especially true when they're poorly managed. Troubleshooting is tough because a good design isn't always obvious, and Fibre Channel standards are just loose enough to make interoperability a concern.

Fibre Channel (FC) storage area networks have been largely displaced by iSCSI SANs as the block storage choice for many data centers. But while iSCSI is a lower cost alternative that is somewhat easier to manage, can use familiar Ethernet networking technology and might share an existing LAN, FC is still the protocol of choice when high-performance block storage is required. As such, it remains an important storage alternative in most shops, despite the emergence of other alternatives..."

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