Chief Information Officer: Enterprise AI And The CIO
CXOTALK, May 25th, 2021
June 6, 2021,
Volume 279, Issue 1

How should Chief Information Officers manage AI in the enterprise, and what challenges may arise?

"Every CIO must consider these questions from both enterprise technology and business leadership perspectives.

Author and AI investor Ash Fontana explains the CIO role and CIO responsibilities when developing organizational capabilities for AI, which he calls the AI-first company.

The conversation covers these essential topics:

  • What are the CIO's first steps to adopting enterprise AI?
  • How should CIOs start with enterprise AI?
  • How much technical knowledge about machine learning models should business leaders possess?
  • What are 'data learning effects'?
  • What is Lean AI?
  • Should the CIO or CTO be responsible for investments in AI?
  • Culture change and AI adoption
  • Enterprise AI investment and financial return
  • How to overcome obstacles to AI adoption in the enterprise?

Ash Fontana is author of the book The AI-First Company. He is an investor focused on AI-first companies at Zetta Venture Partners since 2014. Before Zetta, Ash launched syndicates at AngelList - the biggest startup investing platform in the world that now manages over $2B. Simultaneously, Ash made investments in Canva, Mixmax and others..."

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