InformationWeek: The CISO's Guide to the Software Supply Chain (March 21st)
The Future Of IT: Decentralization And Collaboration

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The Enterprisers Project, November 22nd, 2022
December 2, 2022,
Volume 296, Issue 5

As more organizations move toward a hybrid IT model, collaboration between IT and non-IT employees is paramount. Consider this expert advice

Last year, MIT researcher Joe Peppard penned a contentious Wall Street Journal op-ed suggesting that organizations eliminate their IT departments. He explains that the IT department started as a relatively autonomous entity, existing primarily to keep corporate systems functioning and networks secure.

Today, Peppard posits, and I agree, that the digital-first landscape calls for a more pervasive, porous IT department - with tentacles throughout the org chart.

That said, I disagree with Peppard's notion that the centralized IT department is obsolete. The IT department shouldn't be dismantled; it should evolve into a hybrid model - like cloud deployment models - that fits specific business needs.

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